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Why the projects?

As a geek and a tinkerer I’m always busy with one or more projects. One of the purposes of this page is to showcase these projects whether they are finished or not. Currently my two big interests are jQuery and Canvas, but also Arduino has caught my attention. Some of the projects are inspired by everyday problems, other are inspired by a need to see what is possible. The common denominator for these projects, are that with each and every one, I’m breaking new ground, challenging myself and learning as I go.


Internal member- and camp-administration

Status: Active

In my sparetime I’m a volunteer at Assenbækmølle scout-centre. The system for managing volunteers, ICK (Internt Center Kontor), contacts and camps are old and outdated.

I’m currently working on a new version in Laravel 4 using Bootstrap3 for layout. Apart from an internal camp-manager, I’m also setting up an internal Wiki (mediawiki) and implementing a document-administration-system and an internal blog.

Demo (frontpage only).


Status: Active

I have a Sony  α200 DSLR and it’s an obvious project to make an intervalometer with my Arduino. I’ve got myself a LCD-screen and connected it to the Arduino for the menu, along with 5 buttons (up, down, right, left, select). These 5 buttons control a menu where you can set the parameters for the intervalometer.

I’ve gotten a optocoupler to seperate my camera from the arduino and thus eliminating the risk of frying the camera accidentally. Plans will follow shortly.


Wow-realm information

Status: Completed

Back when I was playing a lot of world of warcraft, I didn’t always want to log on, just to check on who was in control of Winterspring and Tol Barad and when the next battle was. I had heard a lot about angular.js and decided to kill two birds with one stone. I followed the angular-js tutorial on and got to work.

It is a simple project which picks realm-info from the official wow-api and displays it.

Demo | (Github link on the way)


Status: Completed

To get started making something for my RaspberryPi, I made a python script which connected to the weatherbug API and get the current weather for Aalborg. The script then logs this info to a database, and also outputs info to a LCD-display through the GPIO-pins.

Furthermore have I made a presentational page using google charts, showing the temperature and windspeed over time.

The script is hosted on my raspberry pi and executes every hour through a cron-job.

Github-link | Demo

Status: Completed

A minor project I did. At my scoutgroup we have a site, that’s part of a drupal-site. As such, our options are a bit limited when it comes to content. One of the things we sorely missed, was the ability to insert image-galleries. I therefore made a simple slideshow that would scan a specified folder and show the found pictures in a carrousel-style slideshow.

GitHub-link  | Demo


Status: Completed

A pretty simple project. It’s just a small jQuery plugin I made for setting default text for forms. I saw it as a chance to try out the merge()-function of jQuery to set default-values for the options. The plugin itself will, by default, set a text-color and a default text for input fields. Once the field gains focus (a user chooses it), it will set the font-color of the field to black and clear the field. If the user leaves the field without entering a value, the field will revert to the first font-color and the default-text. The colors and the default-text can also be defined by the user.

Github-link | Demo


Status: Completed

This project was a project given to me as an assignment during my semester at Frostburg State University in spring ’08. I made a online contact list using VXML and received an unexpected 105 for the project. The project featured database access, a rudimentary login-system and sound-prompts voiced by yours truly. The project is marked as completed, but unfortunately, the free service where it was hosted has since closed down. Should you know of a place where I can host a VXML-project for free, please let me know.



Status: Active

This project was started as a way for me to get around to playing with HTML5 canvas. It is a basic BMI-calculator wich then plots the BMI as a function of the user’s weight (based on the entered height). The vision is, that it is going to end up with a standalone graph-library for Canvas using Kinect.js.

Github-link | Demo

Online Diagrams

Status: Active

This was inspired by an ongoing frustration of mine. When I was studying I got used to using Microsoft Visio for making diagrams. Now that I no longer have that luxury, I have been unable to find a suitable replacement. I wanted to make a diagram-tool which is platform-independent and which will facilitate easy sharing between team-members. I’m rolling my own version leveraging the html5-tool Canvas.


Browser-based file selection

Status: Active

I don’t remember where the idea for this project came about, but it’s a fact I felt the need to make a clone of windows’ file handling. Currently the project is out of order, but the version in the github-repo is in a working state. Currently I have file-selection done, this means both ctrl-click, shift-click and shift-ctrl-click and ‘selection by dragging a rectangle’ nailed. The next step, once I resume the project, is to get dropping files into folders working and file-structure generally working.

Github-link | Demo

Assassin’s creed production tree

Status: Paused

This project came about when I started getting into producing in Assassin’s creed 3. The menu sucked and it took forever to find out what materials where needed to produce a specific item. The base of the project is a graph which consists of raw materials and items. I have the graph done and I can find the materials needed to create a specific item. Next on my todo-list is to create a form of GUI for the project. I have no specific ideas, but I would love to make a graphical representation of a tree. This would be a great opportunity to strengthen my canvas-fu. The project is currently paused because I finished the game.

Github-link | Demo (Danish)


Status: Paused

My chainmail project should end up being a hauberk (chain mail shirt). I make it from fence-wire I roll into a spring which I’ll then cut up with a hacksaw. I’m making a European 4-in-1 pattern, where each ring links to 4 other rings. The current status of the project is paused due to the season, which prohibits me from sitting outside and producing metal-dust. Progress-wise have I made the straps which are going over my shoulders, and I’m working on the first ‘barrel-piece’ around my torso. I’d reckon I’m about 50% done – which means I’ve got around 20,000 rings to create and link.


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