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Yes my boys.

The new is in the air.

I realized I didn’t have the time to develop my own webpage/CMS from the bottom up. Between all the other projects I’m working at, I had to prioritize. Rolling my own system would end up in me reinventing the wheel over and over. Instead I chose to take the opportunity to try out wordpress.

Many advantages

First of all, wordpress is a widely used system and comes packed with tons of features. The features which isn’t build in, will most probably be available in the form of a plugin. Furthermore, I’m not a designer, so using one of the many themes out there is a given. Furthermore, I save a ton of time by not implementing stuff already done by others. Lastly there is tonnes of guides on the internet on how to perform SEO on a wordpress-installation, one of the most notorious being yoast¬†who has also made a great plugin.

Stay tuned

This is just the first installation with an other-than-default theme, and I’ve only scratched the surface of plugins and what is possible. I have tons of ideas, both for posts and for features, so stay tuned or follow me on twitter.

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GregersBoye I'm 30 years old and has a vivid interest in everything electronics and programming - making machines do my bidding is exciting to me. Other than that, I'm a Geek with capital G.

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