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Ok, just a quick tip for a better way to get to your programs in windows without using the mouse.

We will create a windows shortcut for your programs accessible from the ‘run’ window.

First of all, create a folder somewhere with a name you can remember. The name and the location doesn’t matter. I usually go for “C:\shorts”.

  1. Now go to start (or your desktop) and right-click “My computer”.
  2. From the menu choose “Properties”.
  3. Now, on the left, find and click “Advanced settings”.
  4. In the window which appears, click the button “Environment variables”.
  5. In the bottom field, scroll down to the variable “path”. Hightlight it and click “edit”.
  6. Now go to the end of the line and enter the path for the folder you created. Make sure to seperate it from the previous entry with a “;”.

Click ok, ok, and ok. Now go to your folder and put shortcuts for whatever program you want in there.
Rename the shortcuts to something easy to remember; “ff” for firefox, “sp” for spotify, and so on.

Now press [win]+[r] and type whatever name you gave your shortcut, press [enter] and it opens the program.

Once you get used to this way of doing things, you can’t imagine yourself going back to the old way of doing things.

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GregersBoye I'm 30 years old and has a vivid interest in everything electronics and programming - making machines do my bidding is exciting to me. Other than that, I'm a Geek with capital G.

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