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So, for a while, I’ve been wanting to getting into time-lapse photography. I have looked at intervalometers, but felt they were pricy. At first, I tried doing it manually, taking a picture every 30 seconds, but that wasn’t ideal. The solution was obvious – after all I’m a tinkerer and a geek, so what better solution than making an Arduino intervalometer myself?

I started out by dividing this project into two parts: Hardware and Software; I’d need some kind of way to get the Arduino to trigger the camera, and I needed a way to set up the interval, number of pictures etc, on the arduino. Like the project, my write-up of my making the Arduino intervalometer has been divied into two parts.

I started out getting the hardware part of my arduino intervalometer going – after all, if I couldn’t get the Arduino to trigger the camera-shutter, there wasn’t much point to coding the arduino.

Don’t wait to read about my arduino camera-trigger!

I have divided the project into 4 parts, part 1 is how to trigger the camera, it is fairly simple, but must be done correctly, to make sure you don’t fry your camera.

Part 2 is setting up the display for the intervalometer, to make sure, you can see what you’re doing when setting up the shoot.

Part 3 is wiring the buttons for the control

Part 4, the final part, is programming the arduino, making a menu theĀ  most efficient way possible.

The parts will be put online as they are written.

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