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My portrait

An old portrait of me, taken in Cumberland, MD.

Who am I?

I am a 32-year old webdeveloper from Ă˜ster Hornum, Denmark. I take an avid interest in all things geeky and electronic.


From an early age I was introduced to programming, using my dad’s old 8086 to program in Turbo Basic. Writing programs then was a matter of painstakingly copying the source code from magazines and books, one line at a time. Later I moved on to html and javascript, and in highschool I started playing around with my TI-83 and TI-BASIC. Since then I’ve tried many more languages, mostly web-focused (python, php, javascript, css, jQuery and many more), but also non-web oriented (, c) and even some really primitive ones (Arduino).


A few years ago I got an Arduino for christmas. In the beginning I only had a few LED’s, but since then I’ve expanded my toolkit, and I’ve gotten a lot better, both through online tutorials, but also through simple experimenting (and a few blown out LED’s). Recently (as in a year ago) I got myself a Raspberry pi, along with it, I have a 26-pin ribbon connector so I can attach it to a breadboard. My plan is to get it talking to the breadboard. When the RPi isn’t talking to the breadboard, it’s being used as a NAS-server, serving files to my Boxee-box.


A great hobby of mine is photography. The ability to capture a moment and put certain feelings inside that moment using light and shadows is to me amazing. I love to experiment with light and see what happens, and also push the boundaries of my imagination both behind the camera, but also in the computer during post-processing.



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